What is Pro?
  • 09 Feb 2024

    What is Pro?

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      Pro is our premium service for WeMod.

      What features are included with Pro?

      • WeMod Remote - A mobile application that allows you to interact with WeMod without pausing your game or using hotkeys.
      • In-game Overlay - Quickly enable mods without leaving the game.
      • Saved Mods - When your mods are configured and Saved Mods is applied, you can pick up right where you left off next time for faster gameplay.
      • Boost games in the Queue to influence priority.
      • Suggest mods for our most popular games.
      • Exclusive themes - Choose the look and feel of the app that fits your vibe.
      • Access to the Pro-only section in Discord. This section includes giveaways and a Pro-only chat room.
      • An exclusive badge in our community.
      • Priority Support

      Is there any way to become a Pro member without paying?

      There are currently no alternative ways to obtain a Pro membership.

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