Navigating WeMod
  • 31 May 2023

    Navigating WeMod

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      WeMod v8.3 Navigation Update

      Navigating WeMod is even easier now! We've simplified the flow so you can get into the game even quicker. The sidebar has been removed and replaced with the search bar at the top. Start typing from any page to begin searching. 


      The home tab is the first thing you will see when you open WeMod. Here you can find objectives, news, a list of your recently played games, and more. At the top right, you will find the current user, your remote pin code if you are a Pro member, a link to our help site (here), and the settings.

      My Games

      The My games page contains all games you have installed, including ones that WeMod does not have mods for.


      Looking for a new game to play or want to see what trainers were recently released? Check out the Explore tab. Looking for something free to play? Yep, you can find it here. 


      Queue has been renamed and is now Creators. On the Creators page, you can quickly see what is being worked on, what needs to be updated, what has been recently released, and more. Pro users can boost games from the Creators page.

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