How do I report issues with a trainer?
  • 31 May 2023

    How do I report issues with a trainer?

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      A popup will appear after the game closes when you use a trainer for the first time or an update is detected. 

      If you experienced any issues with the trainer, thought some of the options were confusing, or think something wasn't working correctly, press the frowny face. If everything worked correctly, select the smiley face. 

      Please follow the prompt and provide as much feedback as possible. The more detailed the feedback, the quicker the trainer creator can update the mods. 

      I reported a trainer not working, but it hasn't been updated

      The feedback system requires multiple reports before we take action. If the trainer receives enough negative reports, the game will be added to our internal testing queue, at which point it will be tested by the testing team. If an issue is found, the game will be added to the update queue, and update the broken mods as soon as possible.

      If you believe we have missed something important, please email us at Make sure to include the game name and what the issue is.

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