Why can't WeMod find my installed game?
  • 31 May 2023

    Why can't WeMod find my installed game?

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      There are several reasons why WeMod might not recognize your installed games. 

      The most common reasons are

      • The game is cracked (WeMod does not condone piracy)
      • You recently installed the game
      • You installed it from a DRM that we do not yet support

      If WeMod cannot find your installed game, you can manually add it by following these instructions.

      1. Using the search bar, search for the game that was not found

      2. Select the game and click the Arrow next to Install Game,  then select Add Custom or Drag and drop the game's exe (this cannot be a shortcut to the exe)

      3. Navigate to the directory where the game is installed and select the exe
      4. You should be able to start the trainer at this point by clicking Play

      PlatformDefault Install Location
      EpicC:\Program Files\Epic Games\[Game Name]
      SteamC:\Program Files(x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\[Game Name]
      Ubisoft Connect (Uplay)C:\Program Files (x86)\Ubisoft\Ubisoft Game Launcher\games

      The trainer doesn't work after selecting a custom executable (exe) and / or I can't find the executable

      A lot of games have multiple binaries. Make sure you have selected the correct one, then try again. If you are unsure which executable should be used, please check task manager by right-clicking the open game and selecting Open file location.

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