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  • 31 May 2023

    Pro Trial

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      How do I start the free trial?

      1. In the WeMod application, click on the Support WeMod banner in the upper right to start your free trial.
      2. Select the 3-day free trial and select Start free trial.
      3. Finally, enter your billing details and click Start free trial.

      Why was I charged for the trial?

      There are a few reasons you may have been charged for the trial:

      • Your trial ended, and you did not cancel, at which point you were charged for a yearly subscription.
      • You previously used your trial. Each account is only eligible to use the free trial once.
      • The charge is an authorization charge. Authorization charges are required to ensure the credit card info is valid. This charge will disappear from your statement in 3-10 business days. You can learn more about authorization charges here.

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