Navigating WeMod


The WeMod dashboard is the go-to for everything about WeMod. Featured content will display new and updated games. Clicking on the image will take you directly to the cheats for the game displayed. 


Announcements will show news related to WeMod. Clicking on the announcement will take to directly to the announcement discussion. 


This show all current objectives that can be done to earn WePoints and other rewards. As you finish each objective they will be marked as completed. 


The activity box shows everything related to cheats such as new releases and updates. 


The Games tab is where you will find all games that WeMod supports. On the left side, games are divided by games you have installed and supported but not installed. 


The Request tab is where you can vote for new cheats and updates. The process is covered in depth Here. 


The Hub is all about you. Here you can find your objectives, complete weekly polls, invite a friend, purchase WePoint, and more.

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