Navigating WeMod


The home tab is the first thing you will see when you open WeMod. Here you can find objectives, news, a list of your recently played games, and more. At the top right you will find the current user, your remote code if you are Pro, a link to our help site, and the settings. 


The games tab is where you can find all trainers currently available in WeMod. New games and those that are most played by our users will be shown here. You can find the full list by expanding the navigation menu on the left side.



New to WeMod is the Queue. The Queue is where you can see what we are working on at all times. You can read more about the Queue Here


Settings can be accessed by clicking the Settings icon ⚙️ in the upper right. From the settings page you can access the following tabs: 

Settings → General

General is the default tab that will open when you go to the settings. Here you will find basic WeMod settings such as close to tray, reporting options, language, and more. 

Settings → Customization

Customization is where you make WeMod your own. Enable or disable cheat sounds, volume, change to a different sound pack, or pick a new theme. 

Settings → My Account

My Account lets you manage your WeMod account from within WeMod and consists of 3 tabs, general, billing, and password. From the general account page, you can change your WeMod username, email address, and profile picture. Billing contains anything relevant to billing including your current subscriptions and payment methods. If you need to change your password you can do so from the password tab. 

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