The WeMod settings can be accessed by the drop-down menu in the top right of WeMod. 


Close to Tray

This setting determines how WeMod closes. If Close to Tray is enabled WeMod will minimize to the system tray when closed. 

Anonymous Reporting

Anonymous Reporting helps improve WeMod by sending anonymous info about WeMod performance and errors. 

Release Channel

Select between stable or beta builds of WeMod. If you decide to opt-in to the beta channel you will receive updates before they are released to everyone else. 
Beta builds of WeMod may result in unusual crashes or other errors.

Save Log

Have an error and need help? Saving your log will help us fix the issue quicker. Create a new topic on our forums and attach your log. 


Cheat Sounds

Enable or disable cheat notification sounds for WeMod. 

Sound Pack

Don't like the current sounds for activating and disabling cheats? Choose from a selection of sounds. 


Ready for a new look? Pro members have access to several different themes for WeMod.  

My Account 


Here you can change your profile picture, update your email username, or change your username. 


Subscribe to Pro or change your existing subscription from the billing tab

Start Tutorial

New to WeMod and need help getting started? Our tutorial will walk you through the basics of using and navigating WeMod.  

View Changelog

Curious what changed in the newest version? Check the changelog. The changelog can also be viewed on our forums

Still need help? Contact Us Contact Us