Downloading and Installing WeMod

Installing WeMod

1. Download the WeMod installer here
2. Navigate to your download folder (Default: C:\Users\Your Username here\Downloads) and run WeMod-Setup. 
WeMod should now be installed and ready to use. 


Why does my antivirus flag WeMod as a virus?

It is impossible for us to say why a certain antivirus is flagging WeMod as a virus. There is nothing to worry about, WeMod is 100% safe and is used by thousands of users daily. You will need to disable your antivirus while you download and install WeMod if it interfering. 

.NET Framework fails to install

Updating Windows is required to use .net framework 4.7.1. You can find a full list of supported Window versions here:

Installer displays ":)" but doesn't install

This error is most commonly caused by an antivirus deleting files as they are installed. Disable your antivirus and run the installer. If issues persist you may need to uninstall your AV. 

Installer displays "Failed to download :("

This error is normally related to an antivirus or firewall blocking the necessary files from being downloaded. You can download an offline installer here:

If this did not resolve your issue please create a new thread on our forums.

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