Cheats toggle off automatically

Cheats may toggle off automatically if

The trainer does not support your game version

If the trainer is marked incompatible the cheats have been tested and do not work correctly with your game version.

You purchased the game from a different platform

If you manually added the game's executable (exe) we cannot guarantee the cheats will work. Please request a trainer for the platform in which you purchased the game.

Your game is cracked

WeMod does NOT support cracked games. Please support the game developers and purchase games.

You are trying to use it outside of the intended area

Trainers should only be used in single-player game modes. They are not tested in multiplayer and WeMod does not condone cheating in multiplayer.

The game has anti-cheat software that needs to be disabled

If the game has anti-cheat that must be disabled before you can use WeMod it will be noted in the trainer info. 

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