How do I use the WeMod Overlay?


The overlay only has two prerequisites, have an active Pro membership and have the ability to install the Xbox Game Bar. The Xbox Game Bar requires Windows 10 or newer, this is a limitation set forth by Microsoft and is not something that WeMod has any control over. If you are unsure if you are currently a Pro member you can check your subscription status here:

Installing the Xbox Game Bar

If you have not already installed the Xbox Game Bar you will need to do so before you can use the overlay. You can download the Xbox Game Bar from here:

Installing the WeMod Overlay

The WeMod Overlay is an Xbox Game Bar widget and can be obtained from the Microsoft Store. You can download and install the WeMod Overlay widget by clicking Get on this page:

If you have previously installed the WeMod Overlay you will not need to do so again unless you removed it. 

Using the WeMod Overlay

Once you have the WeMod overlay installed you are all set. To get started follow the steps below

  1. Open the Xbox Game Bar by pressing Win (windows key between ctrl and alt) and G at the same time 
  2. If this is your first time using the WeMod Overlay you will need to open it in the Game Bar. This can be done by clicking "Widget Menu" at the top then selecting WeMod
  3. Once the WeMod Overlay is open, head over to WeMod and start a game
  4. Once the play button has changed from Play to Playing the Overlay is ready to use. 
  5. You can now quickly activate cheats in-game by opening the Game Bar and clicking the cheats you want to enable 

The Overlay can also be pinned so you can easily see what cheats are active in-game.

For more tips and tricks check out our Overlay FAQ