Why did my game crash?

Many things can cause game crashes; unfortunately, it is challenging to pinpoint the root cause of most crashes. The most common causes of a game crash are incompatible hardware, game updates, trainer incompatibility, and mods. 

Incompatible Hardware 

Due to the wide variety of parts available for PCs, it is impossible to test software on every system. Every attempt is made to ensure that software is available for as many hardware configurations as possible. Please ensure that your hardware meets the minimum specifications for the game and WeMod. 

Game Updates

Unfortunately, game updates aren't always stable and may cause your game to crash. If this is the case, you need to contact the developer for help. Please ensure you have played the game at least once without WeMod after an update. Occasionally a change will not be applied until you have run the game at least once. If you use the trainer, and this is the case, it could affect the stability of the game. 

Trainer Incompatibility

Due to the way trainers work, you should only use trainers if they are marked as Available. If a trainer is marked as unavailable, you are potentially using a trainer that does not support your version of the game. The info section of the trainer will let you know if it is awaiting testing or currently in the update queue. If the game is in the queue, you should not attempt to use the trainer until it is updated. A warning will be displayed when trying to use a trainer that may be incompatible. 

Moddining in General

A common side effect of modding is game crashes; unfortunately, there isn't anything that can be done about this. All trainers work by injecting into the running game process and modifying values. Since WeMod actively changes values, one of these may cause an internal error and cause the game to crash. If this happens, restart your game and try again. Please check the mod notes for special instructions if it happens multiple times.