What happened to game voting?

After much deliberation, we have removed the game voting system from WeMod. Game voting allowed people to vote for games they wanted in the app. Once a certain threshold of votes was met, creators would add the mods.

Voting was designed to create a fair system for adding new games. We found that it posed several problems to users (you) and mod creators here at WeMod. Many games would sit hopelessly buried in the voting list, even if a handful of users voted on them. This instilled disappointment and a lack of trust from the community. Most importantly, it didn't give you insight into how we work and how quickly we could actually develop mods for the requested games.

Our library has grown immensely in the past few years–having over 1,000 games for the WeMod team to maintain. And with games updating more often than ever, it is essential that we periodically reevaluate our workflow and how we prioritize what gets done next. Our solution to these problems is the Game Queue!

What happened to my WePoints and votes?

Your WePoints and Votes were converted to their equivalent value in boosts. They have not lost any value in the transition. Learn more about the new Game Queue.