Why can't WeMod find my game?

There are a few reasons why WeMod might not find your installed game. 

  • The game version isn't supported. This can happen with games published on different platforms (Origin, GOG, Uplay, etc).
  • The game is installed in a place WeMod can't detect it. 
  • The game is cracked. WeMod does not support cracked copies of games.

Adding a custom install

If your game is not automatically detected you may need to manually add it. This is a simple process and can be accomplished in just a few steps. 

1) Open WeMod and navigate to the Games tab

2) Search for the game that was not found in the top left 

3) Click on the game under "Supported - Not Installed" then select the newest version of the cheats

4) Click Fix in the top right 

5) Navigate to your game install directory and select the games EXE. 

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