Quick Start Guide

What is WeMod?

WeMod is a revolutionary tool that brings trainers for all your games to one location. With WeMod you will never have to worry about questionable downloads or spending time looking for trainers when you should be playing your favorite games. 

Are there any requirements to use WeMod?

WeMod requires a computer that supports hardware acceleration and .Net Framework 4.7 or above. Requirements for .Net Framework 4.7 can be found here. We recommend installing .Net Framework 4.8 which includes 4.7. 

Installing WeMod

1) Download the WeMod installer Here  3) Finally click Install Now 2) Open WeMod-Setup.exe 
WeMod is now installed!  

Using WeMod

1) Open WeMod
 2) Select Games 

 3) Search for the game you want to use WeMod with

4) Select the trainer and click play

5) Activate cheats using the hotkeys listed next to each cheat or if you are Pro you can use the interactive controls, overlay, or remote

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