How can I change the hotkeys?

Don't like the default hotkeys? No problem, change them to something that works better for you.

Changing Hotkeys

  1. Start by opening the trainer you want to change the hotkeys for. Hotkeys are unique to every game, so you need to change them individually. 
  2. Once you are on the trainer page, you can change as many or as few hotkeys as you need to. To change the hotkey, hover over the current key and then left-click. 3 dots will appear, showing that the key is in edit mode. Now press the key(A) or combination of keys(Alt+A) that you want the cheat bound to. 

You can now activate the cheats with the updated hotkeys.

Can I disable the hotkeys?

Yes! Hotkeys can be disabled in the settings. The settings can be accessed by clicking the Settings icon ⚙️ in the upper right. The option to disable hotkeys can then be found under the Customization menu. 

Hotkeys can be reset to the default by editing them and then pressing backspace, or they can be unbound by clicking delete while editing.